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A Live-Action Final Fantasy Television Series Is Currently in Development

Final Fantasy is officially getting its first live-action television show. It was announced that a series based on the popular MMO, Final Fantasy XIV, is currently in development from Sony Pictures Television. Both Hivemind (The Witcher, The Expanse) and Square Enix are producing it. And, before you worry, it has already been confirmed that Final Fantasy mainstays like chocobos, airships, and even Cid will be appearing. Other details, like a release window or a home for the project, are unknown.

The currently-unnamed series will be set in Final Fantasy XIV’s world of Eoreza, which contains many elements seen throughout the franchise’s history. It will center around “the struggle between magic and technology in a quest to bring peace to a land in conflict.” While it will be telling an original story, expect to see characters from the MMO appearing. The series is being written by Ben Lustig and Jake Thorton (Winter’s KnightThe Wells Initiative).

As it appears development has only just begun on this project, it likely will be some time before we see anything come from it. As for where this series will end up, that is currently up in the air. Hivemind has a first-look deal with Amazon, so that seems like the likeliest home for the project at this time. However, with Amazon prepping for its The Lord of the Rings series, we could see it land elsewhere. Hivemind is also producing The Witcher for Netflix, so that is an option, as well. Netflix is the home for Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light, a story about a father and son reconnecting over, you guessed it, Final Fantasy XIV.

It will likely be some time before we hear more about the upcoming Final Fantasy series. Speaking of Final Fantasy XIV, the MMO is preparing for the launch of its next expansion, Shadowbringers. You can read about the extensive changes coming to it right here.

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