Alan Wake’s Publishing Rights Are Back With Remedy Entertainment

Though Remedy Entertainment owned the Alan Wake IP, the franchise’s publishing rights were held by Microsoft. Now this has changed, according to a report via Global News Wire. The publishing rights to Alan Wake have reverted to developer Remedy, meaning the studio has free reign to do with the series what it wishes. In addition, the Finnish developer will receive approximately 2.5 million euros in the second half of 2019. This one-time payment will see Remedy earn royalties from the sale of previous titles.

So what does this mean exactly for the future of Alan Wake, another sequel? Could it perhaps lead to the franchise’s launch on other platforms? For now, Remedy’s plans, if any are currently in the works, remain a mystery. Presently, Alan Wake fans may have to be content with a television series, which is in development with Legion’s showrunner, Peter Calloway, at the helm. Franchise creator, Sam Lake, will serve in an executive producer role. Details about when the project will begin in earnest and which networks or streaming services are in line to pick it up have yet to be revealed.

Remedy launched Alan Wake in 2010 on the PC and Xbox 360. It’s since been considered a cult classic, only ever receiving a follow-up of sorts in the form of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare in 2012.

Soon audiences on multiple platforms will be able to get their hands on another Remedy-developer paranormal adventure. Control seems as though it will serve as an example of Remedy taking things to the next level creatively. It’s set in one location, as all manner of supernatural horrors are unleashed inside of a secret government facility, the Oldest House.

Control will hit store shelves for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One this summer on August 27th. 505 Games is publishing the title.

[Source: Global News Wire via PC Gamer]