Respawn Explains How Ranked Leagues Will Work in Season 2 of Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment has provided details on how the new Ranked Leagues will work in Apex Legends, once Season 2 drops on July 2, 2019. The studio had previously confirmed that there will be multiple tiers to the game’s Ranked Leagues and players would earn rewards based on what tier they are in once each Series ends. Now, the studio has further explained the system and all of its intricacies, so players can better understand just what they are in for when participating in Ranked Leagues.

Apex Legends will have both Seasons and Ranked League Series. (Series won’t always coincide with Seasons.) So while Season 2 begins on July 2, 2019, the first Ranked Series will be held from July-September 2019. In the future, Series may not always coincide with Seasons so easily.

Once you hop into a Ranked Series, you’ll find different tier leagues suited to your skill. With this first Series in Apex Legends Sesaon 2, everyone will start out in Bronze IV, the lowest Bronze tier. However, in the future there will be starting placements depending on performances. Each tier will help pair you against teams suited to your rank, with Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond all having four divisions marked by Roman numerals and the highest tier, Apex Predator, having no divisions at all. Your tier determines the rewards you earn.

Just be careful who you team up with. If you go into Ranked Leagues in Apex Legends with a premade team, the highest member rank determines the team as a whole’s rank. So if one person is at rank Gold II, but everyone else is at Silver III, then you will be playing against Gold II people and competing at that level.

The scoring system in Apex Legends Ranked League will involve Ranked Points. These are earned in matches, determine how far you move up the ranks, and need to be used to enter most matches. While the entry cost for any Bronze match will be free, Silver matches will cost 1RP, Gold will be 2RP, Platinum will cost 3RP, Diamond will be 4RP, and Apex Predator will be 5RP. You can earn up to 17RP per match.

Players can earn Ranked Points while playing matches, and the amount they earn is based on their performance. The maximum amount of Ranked Points a player can earn in one match is 17RP before the match cost is taken into account. Also, to clarify, the “top” positions only give you RP for the tier you place into, which means someone getting “top 3” wouldn’t also be getting points for being in the “top 5.”

  • Kills are worth 1RP (Max 5RP per match)
  • Top 10 is worth 2RP
  • Top 5 is worth 4RP
  • Top 3 is worth 7RP
  • A win is worth 12RP

Respawn has stated that there will be no demotion between tiers, only between divisions. So as long as you reach a tier, you are in it and will receive its rewards at the end of a Series. However, it is possible to be dropped from Gold I to Gold IV. Since the Ranked Leagues are so new, this could change in future Series. Exact rewards haven’t been revealed, but the developer confirmed that Series 1 Ranked badges will be doled out to everyone, letting them commemorate which tier they hit during this first Series.

The loss forgiveness and penalty systems were also detailed. With loss forgiveness, Apex Legends will take into account things like your performance in a game if you lost or if forces beyond your control, like client errors or teammates abandoning you, forced the loss. When this happens, you will have a 0 net loss if you would lose RP from a match, rather than have a negative RP at the end after paying the entry fee and participating. If people ditch matches during various situations, like if they are fallen in action and people are taking a while to respawn them, they will experience matchmaking penalties that will start at five minutes and eventually go up to one week.

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[Source: Electronic Arts]