Bruce Campbell Dropped Some Groovy News on the Next Evil Dead Video Game

Almost a year ago, Bruce Campbell announced he was hanging up the chainsaw, so to speak. The Evil Dead franchise as we know it came to an end, as Ash vs Evil Dead‘s final season aired. But in an interview, Campbell spilled some beans containing word of an Evil Dead video gameHe used the word “immersive,” which led to a narrative that whatever this game was, it would be VR-adjacent. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

This news comes straight from Ashley Williams himself, the new host of Ripley’s Believe it or Not, a one-time Call of Duty Zombies mode guest, Bruce Campbell. Via Twitter, specifically. You can check out the tweet itself right here, thanks to the extremely useful internet wizardry known as embed code:

There it is. It seems like whatever this Evil Dead project is, it’s a full-on video game. When it comes to licenses and VR, sometimes the end result is more of an “experience” than a “game,” which naturally had some fans worried about the scale of this project. Other fans were concerned about accessibility as well, since VR is generally a niche add-on, albeit a relatively successful one. Shout out to the VR fans who were excited about an Evil Dead game; we’re sorry for the disappointment.

Perhaps, what Campbell originally meant by “immersive” was the more simple first-person option. In the past, Evil Dead video games have largely been action/adventure games or third-person survival horror. It wouldn’t be shocking to see a first-person shooter or horror game in similar vein to Resident Evil 7. Either one would fit the tone of the series, which is all over the place anyway.