Sony Makes a Major Change to the PlayStation Plus Free Games for July

Sony has apparently heard your cries, and as such, it’s making some changes to the already-announced July 2019 lineup of PlayStation Plus free games. Sony has swapped Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 for Detroit: Become HumanThe change could be due to the large outcry from fans, following the original announcement. Horizon Chase Turbo will still be available.

PES 2019 is the latest entry in Konami’s long-running soccer series. While the game in itself isn’t necessarily bad, many had questioned the choice to put an entry in an annual franchise that came out almost a year ago. It’s likely that most interested in this series would have played it by now, though you could also make the argument that there are plenty of people out there who would gladly take a free game, no matter the game is. Alas, now we’ll never get the chance (until next month, probably).

While it is a controversial game in it’s own right, many would probably agree that Detroit: Become Human is a better value. PS Plus members won’t just be getting Detroit: Become Human on it’s own, however. Possibly as a make-good to disgruntled fans, Sony is giving away the Detroit: Become Human Digital Deluxe Edition! In addition to a bunch of free extras, the Digital Deluxe Edition also comes packed-in with Heavy Rain. So we’re essentially losing one game for two games, which isn’t a bad deal.

Again, Sony hasn’t outright said why it decided to make the change. However, it’s impossible to ignore the large number of fans complaining about this lineup. In all honestly, things have kind of been leading up to this point, ever since the removal of PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita games from the service. Many had felt that the games being offered since then have become increasingly lackluster, with some exceptions, and now here we are. We shall see how the lineup of games look moving forward.

Do you think Detroit: Become Human is a better deal for fans overall? Let us know!

[Source: PlayStation Blog]