Days Gone’s Second DLC Challenge Has Been Released

Fans of Bend Studio’s Days Gone will have something new to look forward to. The game’s second DLC challenge has been released, and this one should be a blast for players who enjoy fighting the game’s non-infected enemies. The new challenge will see Deacon pitted against waves of human Marauder enemies. Players must use their wits, surroundings, and enemies’ weapons to survive and defeat enough waves in order to complete the challenge.

As always with these weekly challenges, players can reach a particular high score to earn some unique rewards. Some of these rewards can be used in the game’s single player mode, and some of them are only usable within the challenge mode.

Days Gone‘s previous DLC challenge added a Horde challenge into the game, which saw players go up against a never ending group of Freakers in an attempt to earn the highest score. Players needed to weave through buildings and set up the perfect explosive traps to keep the horde at bay, all while micromanaging their ammunition and health as the Freakers inched closer and closer. Deacon was given a set loadout, meaning players could not choose which weapons to use in the challenge, but Bend Studio was kind enough to provide players with some of the best weapons in the game.

In case you missed the announcement, Bend Studio will be releasing one of these challenges in Days Gone every week for 12 weeks, giving players something new to do in-game. The rewards available for completing these challenges include rings that come with unique perks and bonuses, alternate character skins allowing players to take control of some of the game’s supporting cast, and various different drifter bike paint jobs, so be sure to try your hand at these challenges to earn some cool in-game rewards.

Will you be trying out the new challenge in Days Gone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

[Source: Twitter]