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An Improved Version of the Surreal Elea Will Come to PS4s Later This Month

Looking to add a new sci-fi adventure to your PlayStation 4 catalog? You will soon be able to do just that, as Elea is coming to the platform later this month on July 25th. Developer Kyodai and publisher Soedesco (who also published Reus) recently announced the news, while also promising the PS4 iteration will be much improved compared to Elea’s launch on the PC and Xbox One back in September 2018.

For a sneak peek of what to expect from the sci-fi title, check out the story trailer for PS4 in the video featured below:

Elea takes place years after a devastating childhood disease ravaged Earth in 2073. In an effort to preserve humanity’s future, scientists embarked on a mission to colonize a habitable exoplanet, Solace. The space ship that left for Solace, the Pilgrimage, lost contact with Earth upon reaching the exoplanet. Now 13 years have passed, and there’s still no sign of the Pilgrimage or the scientists who originally set out on it. Answers will be sought out, though, by Elea, the wife of one of the scientists, and a recovery crew determined to discover what happened with the expedition to Solace.

For the most part, PlayStation 4 players should expect the same overall experience, with a few new bells and whistles added for good measure. For instance, a new save system that provides more checkpoints throughout the game will be featured in the PS4 iteration.

In addition, thanks to the PC and Xbox One communities, developer Kyodai has implemented quite a few notable improvements. Reportedly, the PS4 version will ship with over 200 tweaks in place. Many of these fixes address bug issues, graphical improvements, and the optimization of gameplay. Changes such as movement speed have also been addressed, as well as updates concerning lighting to ensure Elea looks even more graphically impressive.

[Source: Soedesco via Gematsu]