Creepy Mannequins Come To Life When Dollhouse Releases This May

Mannequins will come to life when this creepy psychological horror, Dollhouse, releases on PS4 and PC this May.

This horror game will be stalking store shelves and the PlayStation Store on May 24, 2019, and an open beta is on the way on April 13.

Set with a 1950s film noir tone, Dollhouse has you play as Marie, a once successful detective, who now suffers from amnesia. After a series of events, she now finds herself investigating a house while a mysterious figure stalks her, regaining her memories as she tries to elude this presence and finding clues to escape this hellish place.

Throughout this procedurally generated game, Marie can be outfitted with over 40 abilities and passive traits as she explores the house, moves objects, and stuns her pursuer with her special Flash move. You can also use Focus, an ability which lets Marie see through the stalker’s eyes. You can watch the trailer below to see the game in action:

There is also a multiplayer mode in Dollhouse. You have to avoid being killed, but you have your own target as well. It sounds similar to Assassin’s Creed‘s short lived online multiplayer modes, but far more creepy. Every character from the 14-person roster has different abilities at their disposal.

If you’d like to try the game out, you can play the upcoming open beta. It will include both the single player and multiplayer modes. Publisher SOEDESCO and developer Creazn Studio will be looking to get your feedback on the game.

Creazn Studio is a small independent team based in Toronto, Canada, and has been working on this horror game since 2014. They began their partnership with SOEDESCO in 2017 to have it published.

Located in the Dutch city Rotterdam, SOEDESCO has helped publish many independent titles in physical retailers, like Owlboy, Tricky Towers, and Xenon Racer, and has its own studio creating titles, such as Adam’s Venture and Real Farm.