Horror Game Dollhouse Gets Major Update Adding New Game Mechanics

Horror game Dollhouse has received a major update, one that ultimately changes up how the game is played.

Dollhouse is a horror game where you play as a detective named Marie that is attending a movie about her life. When there’s an explosion at the theater, Marie is knocked out and wakes up inside of a strange maze-like environment. When she wakes up the only other people in this world are a mysterious nurse named Rose who is trying to help her, and a monster simply known as It that wants to kill her. Marie needs to avoid the monster while putting her life back together.

Now there are some new threats to avoid and bonuses that Marie can take advantage of, as developer Creazn Studio has added in two new gameplay mechanics to Dollhouse. The first is called “Tale of Two Dolls.” In each level two dolls will spawn. One is blessed and will play a game of hide-and-seek with Marie. Find it, and you can get some buffs that will help you in avoiding It and finding the items in the maze that you need to get a hold of. The other doll, however, is cursed. This doll will spend its time attempting to be found by Marie, and if she looks at it for too long she too will pick up those curses, making her life a lot more difficult.

The other new mechanic is called “It Curses,” and it involves the memories that Marie puts back together. At the end of each level Marie will put together and watch a little film. Once you’ve seen the film you then have to decide which actress to cut, and which to save. Each actress will give you a different curse for cutting them, but at the same time the actress you save will give you a blessing, meaning there’s a bit of deciding what you need and what you can live with.

In addition to these new mechanics, the patch also has “many bug fixes, graphical improvements, multiplayer updates and optimized gameplay flow among others.” In total, the patch is nearly 3GB in size, and should be enough of a change that Dollhouse will feel like a new game. Dollhouse has had a bit of a troubled development history, originally supposed to come out back in 2016 and only finally releasing in May of this year, so it’s good to see the developers are still giving it the chance they believe it deserves.