owlboy limited edition

Owlboy Limited Edition Launching in July, Contains Tons of Goodies

SOEDESCO has announced today that they will be releasing a very special Limited Edition of Owlboy for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 later this summer. The Limited Edition will not only collect the base game but will also come with a ton of goodies that fans of the game will no doubt want to add to their collection.

owlboy limited edition

As you can tell from the image above, there’s a ton of stuff included in the Limited Edition. Making it even more special is the fact that there will only be 6,000 copies of the Limited Edition made per platform, so if you want to be able to grab one, you’ll have to be on your toes. Alongside the base game, the Limited Edition will come housed in an exclusive box that includes the following items:

  • Owlboy base game for Nintendo Switch or PlayStation®4
  • Certificate of authenticity with a unique Limited Edition number
  • Original soundtrack, physical copy featuring the majestic Owlboy sounds
  • Owlboy notebook for logging all your adventures
  • Owlboy manual full of useful information about the game
  • Two pins, one of the Owlboy logo and one of main character Otus
  • Two metal coins inspired by the collectible ‘Buccanary coins‘ in the game
  • Pin box to safely store your pins and coins
  • Sticker sheet with seventeen magnificent Owlboy stickers

For more information on Owlboy, check out the brief description of the game courtesy of D-Pad Studios:

Owlboy tells the touching story of owl misfit Otus, a feathery little fellow struggling to live the owl life. Fate strikes when Otus’ beautiful homeland is invaded by a horde of malicious sky pirates. Otus embarks on a fascinating journey through seemingly endless skies and mysterious, monster infested ruins. He must recruit his friends to employ their special puzzling- and combat skills, fight his foes and fly his way to safety.


  • Heartfelt, intriguing story about the adventurous journey of an underdog owl.
  • Detailed, colorful and beautifully vibrant pixel art style.
  • Switch between Otus’ friends at any time to employ their unique abilities
  • Tremendous variety in surroundings and enemies.
  • Explore massive dungeons and face epic boss battles.

Owlboy is available now.