The Borderlands 3 Story Is as Much of a Priority as Its Gameplay and Loot

Since its announcement and gameplay reveal, much has been said about the overall Borderlands 3 experience. Key pillars, such as gameplay and loot, seem as though they still hold up the overall experience. A few mechanics, particularly those in co-op, have undergone changes to improve the experience in this regard, too. But what about the main narrative? It’s lengthy and supposedly filled with a number of interesting characters. Will it carry any true significance, though? Apparently, that’s Gearbox’s goal. The studio especially wants to ensure the story’s importance “coincides” with Borderlands 3’s gameplay.

This is according to the studio’s Senior Producer Anthony Nicholson, who spoke of his confidence in the next chapter’s story during an interview with GamingBolt. Nicholson told the publication that, like the first two entries in the series, Borderlands 3‘s story will carry a lot of weight.

We have a great writing team. Our writing department has just been stellar with trying to weave all the different lore and the canon that’s is—the game is deep now. Borderlands 1 came out back in 2009, and there’s a lot of pieces that we’re putting together. There’s always lots of characters the fans and community love.

We want to make sure we build on those things. In this latest entry we have the Calypso Twins. We’re chasing them down across the galaxy, keeping them from opening all of these vaults and getting this ultimate power. So we can stop them from overrunning with all of their evil deeds. Narrative in this one is definitely important and we want to make sure that that coincides in a very good way, with our new gameplay and the things that fans have grown to love about the series.

Nicholson’s mention of the original Borderlands seems to suggest Borderlands 3 may revive certain loose ends or characters that haven’t been present in years. Should that be the case, it’ll be interesting to see how such connections factor in. After all, this new entry will take the story away from the usual setting of Pandora, while also placing brand-new villains front and center.

Borderlands 3 will hit the PlayStation 4, Google Stadia, PC, and Xbox One in a few months on September 13th.

[Source: GamingBolt]