Square Enix Has ‘No Plans’ to Release Final Fantasy VII Remake Outside of the PS4

Obviously we all know Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released on the PlayStation 4. However, many have been wondering what platforms, if any, besides the PS4 the highly-anticipated game will be found on. Square Enix has said that, at least for now, there are “no plans” to release it on other platforms. But does that mean it won’t release on the PlayStation 5, either?

The hullabaloo began when the Xbox Germany Facebook page posted a video that appeared to suggest Final Fantasy VII Remake would also be releasing on the Xbox One on March 3, 2020. As there had never been any mention of the platform in any form prior to this, it set the internet on fire for a short moment.  However, the flames were quickly put out, as Xbox DACH marketing and social lead Maxi Gräff admitted it was an “internal mistake.”

That didn’t stop the internet from speculating. Square Enix, acting quickly, decided to release a statement in an attempt to stop the chatter once and for all. It read, “As previously announced, Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released for the PlayStation 4 on March 3rd 2020. We have no plans for other platforms.” While ostensibly this statement indicates Final Fantasy VII Remake won’t be found on the Xbox One, it could have other implications, as well.

Final Fantasy VII Remake has never been explicitly confirmed for next-generation platforms. However, the prospect was previously teased by Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda. Does this statement put that out of the question? It would appear so, but things in the world of video games change all the time. The same thing was said about NieR: Automata, after all.

Considering the March 3rd release is only the first of an unknown number of partsFinal Fantasy VII Remake will no doubt migrate to next-gen platforms eventually. As we all know, the PlayStation 5 will be backwards compatible with the PlayStation 4, meaning Final Fantasy VII Remake in its original form will be playable on the platform. We’ll just have to wait and see what the future of this title will be.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will release on March 3, 2020 for the PlayStation 4.

[Source: Video Games Chronicle]