Days Gone Gets Its First Bike Challenge With This Week’s DLC

Bend Studio has released this week’s DLC for Days Gone, and it brings with it the first ever Bike Challenge for the game. As always with the weekly challenges in Days Gone, players will earn some exclusive in-game rewards for their efforts that vary depending on their high score when completing the challenge.

This week’s challenge for Days Gone takes place at Diamond Lake. Players must race through various checkpoints to collect bandages, all while maintaining their speed over jumps and through obstacles to ensure that they complete the new challenge in the least amount of time possible. Throughout this challenge, players will also need to avoid Hordes of Freakers too. If they catch up, you’re dead.

Days Gone will receive free DLC each week for 12 weeks, giving players who’ve already completed the game’s lengthy story mode another reason to return to the game. These challenges come with their own rewards, some of which will carry over into the story mode, while others can only be used in challenge mode. These can be Horde, Bike, and Combat Challenges. The rewards include alternate skins, which let people be Boozer, Rikki, Iron Mike, and the NERO soldiers, rings with unique perks, patches for Deacon’s jacket with bonuses, and paint jobs for the Drifter Bike.

The previous DLC challenge saw players go up against waves of Marauders, one of the enemy factions players will face throughout the game. When the weekly challenges first debuted, an endless Horde Challenge had people surviving for as long as they could against a never ending Horde of Freakers.

Will you be trying your hand at this week’s Bike Challenge? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! If you haven’t had a chance to pick up Days Gone yet, you can purchase the game on Amazon.

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