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Save Big on a 12-Month PS Plus Membership Thanks to Amazon Prime Day

It’s Amazon Prime Day, which means lots of deals on video games are available through the online retailer until July 16, 2019. Thanks to the sale, you can grab a 12-month PS Plus membership for only $39.99. If you click here to head to the PS Plus listing, the item will appear for the regular price of $59.99. But, once you go through the checkout process, it will drop down to its discounted price of $39.99.

For your convenience, this listing is for a digital code, so you won’t have to wait for a physical scratch-off card to come in the mail. You’ll have your digital code sent to your Amazon account shortly after making the purchase.

PS Plus offers many perks, like the ability to play online with friends, various discounts through the PlayStation store, and free PS4 games given away each month. For the month of July 2019, Sony is giving away Horizon Chase Turbo and Detroit: Become Human Digital Deluxe Edition to all PS Plus subscribers with active memberships.

However, the lineup was previously going to feature Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, but that was replaced by Detroit at the 11th hour due to an undisclosed reason. The fan-feedback for the original lineup was overwhelmingly negative, which might have had something to do with the switcharoo. What’s really nice about this month’s offerings is that the Digital Deluxe Edition of Detroit comes with the PS4 version of Heavy Rain, which originally launched on the PS3.

The 12-month PS Plus membership doesn’t typically go on sale, so this is a deal is worth taking advantage of. July’s free PS Plus games alone cover the price of the subscription.

There are lots of other great deals available for Amazon Prime Day, like savings on PS4 systems, games, and controllers. Check out a list of notable deals here.

Will you be taking advantage of any Amazon Prime Day deals? Let us know!

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