Rage 2’s Next Update Will Add 3 New Ways to Play the Game

Rage 2 received mixed reception when it launched back in May, with many fans saying the game was fun, but that it didn’t offer enough to make players want to stick around for the long haul. That may change once the game’s next update is released on July 25, 2019! Rage 2‘s second update will introduce three new ways to play the game when it drops, alongside a suite of quality of life improvements for the game.

One new feature will be New Game Plus, which will let you play through Rage 2 again while maintaining your progress from a completed saved game. Another is a mode called Iron Man, which is a mystery for now. The Ultra-Nightmare difficulty option will do exactly what you’d think it will do. It will crank the challenge up from four to eleven, likely giving even the most skilled Rage 2 player a run for their money.

Some of the quality of life improvements that will be included with the game’s next update include a flashlight, which will aid players when trekking through dark caves or dimly lit areas, and the ability to skip the game’s Ark tutorials. This change will arrive at the perfect time to coincide with New Game Plus, so you can skip those on your second runthrough!

Rage 2‘s last update brought new challenges to the game for players to beat, complete with some sweet rewards like a new vehicle and shotgun skin! The Wasteland Challenge Rewind, which is currently still running in-game until July 18th, gives players who missed out on the rewards from some of the past challenges a chance to get caught up on all the goodies to date. (Well, except the Worm-related rewards.) The community must work together to eliminate 1,000,000 Goons to complete the challenge.

Will you be trying out Ultra-Nightmare difficulty in Rage 2? What about New Game Plus? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

[Source: Twitter]