Meet Roach in a First Look Image of Geralt’s Horse in Netflix’s The Witcher

Slowly, more details on Netflix’s The Witcher television series have been emerging. Most recently, the streaming service offered a better look at Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia, while also showing off Yennefer and Ciri for the first time. Now it’s another character’s time in the spotlight. And who’s more important than the White Wolf’s noble steed, Roach? Absolutely no one. Thankfully, the first image of Roach has hit the web.

The series showrunner, Lauren S. Hissrich, posted a photo of Cavill’s Geralt sitting atop Roach on her personal Twitter page. Check it out in the tweet linked below:

For now, there is no word on how often Roach will appear in the Netflix series. Given that large animals and film production do not always mesh well, it’s possible she won’t be seen too often. Who knows, though? The Witcher may serve as an exception to the norm, considering Roach’s importance.

As more photos roll out, there’s really only one thing left for Netflix to show, footage of the series in action. Hopefully, a debut trailer will premiere in the coming days during San Diego Comic-Con 2019. The show already has a panel set for the convention, which will take place in Hall H on July 19th at 2:15pm PT and end at 3:00pm PT. Details on who and what the panel will feature remain under wraps. Yet, it stands to reason that at least Henry Cavill and showrunner Lauren S. Hissrisch will be in attendance.

Netflix aims to launch the show sometime at the end of 2019. At the time of writing, the streaming service has yet to unveil a specific premiere date. It’s possible this news may see the light of day during SDCC.

[Source: Lauren S. Hissrich on Twitter]