Pixelnauts Developer Praises What SSDs in Next-Gen Hardware Means for Load Times

The last few months have seen next-generation consoles get plenty of buzz. From Sony outlining its PlayStation 5 plans before E3 2019 to Microsoft doing the same for the next Xbox at its E3 showcase, discussion of this topic has yet to cease. Garnering the most attention is news that both next-gen consoles feature Solid State Drives (SSDs), which will notably benefit load times. PixelNAUTS developer (2015’s Lost Orbit), Alex Golebiowski recently praised the inclusion of such tech as a “great choice” by the two hardware manufactures.

In an interview with GamingBolt, Golebiowski touched on what has him most excited for the next-generation of consoles. He specifically pointed out SSDs, telling the publication, “What a great choice by both Sony and Microsoft. Load times will never be the same!” This certainly appears to be the case, evidenced by a video demonstration of Marvel’s Spider-Man running on the next-gen PlayStation versus a PlayStation 4.

Compared to the current generation hardware, the next-gen consoles will have more to offer than just faster loading speeds. Thanks to the AMD Zen 2 processor that will be featured in both devices. With this CPU technology powering the consoles, Golebiowski believes there won’t be as many “boundaries” where game development is concerned. The developer told GamingBolt, “I have a AAA art background, and although Lost Orbit was a relatively simple game, I am looking forward to having even fewer boundaries to make beautiful games without having to spend the budget of a full AAA dev.”

Of course, there is still much Sony and Microsoft have yet to reveal about the next generation of hardware. And, for now at least, it’s unclear as to when more details will finally come forth. Both companies have plenty of time, though. Rumors suggest neither console will be ready to hit store shelves until sometime in 2020, and Microsoft confirmed a Holiday 2020 launch for the next Xbox.

[Source: GamingBolt]