Next-Gen PlayStation

Report: PS5, Sony’s Next-Gen PlayStation, Will Supposedly Launch in 2020

A few weeks ago, we reported on PlayStation 5 leaks that detailed the system’s specs. In those leaks, which is locked behind a $1000 per year subscription to a site called SemiAccurate, we learned that the PlayStation 5 “uses AMD’s Navi as its base architecture, [the] CPU is custom Zen, [a large] amount of devkits have apparently gone out, [a] 2018 release of [the] PS5 is not out of the question based on the amount of devkits released, [and] VR ‘goodies’ [will be] baked in at the silicon level.” Now, a new report seen at NDTV suggests that 2020 is the expected release window for Sony’s next-gen PlayStation.

The report comes from WCCFtech who cites sources that “intimately familiar with the entire situation.” The report claims that “Vega was designed primarily for Apple and Navi is being designed for Sony – the PS5 to be precise.” It continues outlining AMD’s roadmap for Navi.

This meant that the graphics department had to be tied directly to the roadmap that these semi-custom applications followed. Since Sony needed the Navi GPU to be ready by the time the PS5 would launch (expectedly around 2020) that is the deadline they needed to work on.

This confirms the early leaks of Sony using AMD’s Navi architecture to power the PlayStation 5. The report also suggests that, because the PlayStation 4 uses a semi-custom AMD Jaguar eight-core CPU and an AMD GPU, AMD could be the cornerstone of the PS5’s power, stating, “According to tech blog Phoronix, Simon Pilgrim is a principal programmer at Sony who has been working on AMD Ryzen microarchitecture support ‘within the LLVM compiler stack.’ LLVM is a CPU compiler used in the PS4 development kit.”

Couple this with Sony Interactive Entertainment’s President and CEO, John Kodera, saying that the PS4 is nearing the end of its lifecycle, and it’s no wonder more leaks and details keep emerging about the PS5. Are you ready to make the jump to the PlayStation 5? Sony doesn’t seem to care if you’re ready or not.

[Source: NDTV]