Experiment With Tactical Viking Strategies When Northgard Comes to Consoles in September

Fans of the tactical strategy genre are in for another treat on consoles. Merge Games and Shiro Games will bring Northgard to the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One on September 26, 2019. Pricing details have yet to be revealed, but the original Steam price of $29.99 could offer some hint as to what console players should anticipate.

Shiro Games’ viking-inspired title originally hit the PC in March 2018. All content featured in the PC version of Northgard will make it to the console iterations, Merge Games has confirmed. This content includes the game’s two major updates–Ragnarok and Relics–which brought to Northgard a new map, enemy factions, events, tiles, relics, new military and tool mechanics, and much more.

Northgard sees players venture with Vikings in Norse lands to explore and discover. Upon finding the untapped potential of Northgard, the Vikings stumble upon a threatening continent replete with untold riches and danger around every corner. To conquer these lands, Northmen settle in Northgard and work tirelessly to stake their claim. This is where strategy tactics come into play. To ensure their clan’s survival, players must build settlements, assign jobs to workers, manage resources during the harshest of winters, and explore new territory to expand, trade, and so on.

Merge Games and Shiro games also revealed a new tabletop game set in the same universe. Titled Northgard: Uncharted Lands, this tabletop adventure brings the action, resource management, settlement building, and other key gameplay pillars to a different medium.

For now, details about the tabletop game’s potential price and release date remain unknown. However, such information could surface in just a few weeks at gamescom 2019, as Shiro Games plans to unleash more Northgard-related news during the show. The upcoming event in Cologne, Germany will begin on August 20th and conclude a few days later on August 24th.

[Source: Merge Games via Gematsu]