Laced Records Will Bring the Haunting Bloodborne OST to Vinyl in September

Yes, FromSoftware still remains tight-lipped as ever as to whether or not Bloodborne will ever get a sequel. Yet, fans of the harrowing adventure have something else to look forward to in the coming months. In September, Laced Records will unleash a two-disc vinyl set of the Bloodborne original soundtrack, which will feature a total of 21 tracks. Though it won’t include the tunes heard in The Old Hunter’s DLC, this still seems an incredible value given its $35 price tag.

Laced Records plans to release two versions of the Bloodborne OST vinyl set. One is a standard edition, which will go on sale across various retail stores and online. The other is exclusive to Laced Records, only available for purchase on the company’s official online storefront. Dubbed the “Limited Edition Deluxe Double Vinyl,” the exclusive version of the set has its discs and sleeve colored green. Meanwhile, the standard edition is merely in black. Both are priced $35.

You can see the 21-song track listing for Bloodborne’s original soundtrack below:

Disc 1 — Side A

  1. “Omen”
  2. “The Night Unfurls”
  3. “Hunter’s Dream”
  4. “The Hunter”
  5. “Cleric Beast”
  6. ‘Blood-starved Beast”

Disc 1 — Side B

  1. “Watchers”
  2. “Hail the Nightmare”
  3. “Darkbeast”
  4. “The Witch of Hemwick”
  5. “Rom, the Vacuous Spider”

Disc 2 — Side A

  1. “Moonlit Melody”
  2. “The One Reborn”
  3. “Micolash, Nightmare Host”
  4. “Queen of the Vilebloods”
  5. “Soothing Hymn”

Disc 2 — Side B

  1. “Celestial Emissary”
  2. “Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos”
  3. “The First Hunter”
  4. “Moon Presence”
  5. “Bloodborne”

In less than a year, Bloodborne fans will be able to get their hands on another cross-media venture from the FromSoftware series. CMON announced its plans to produce Bloodborne: The Board Game via a Kickstarter campaign and quickly met its funding goals. In fact, the goal of $200,000 was met in approximately 20 minutes. Within 24 hours, it had garnered over a one million dollars worth of support. The board game will launch in May 2020.

[Source: Laced Records via DualShockers]