Final Fantasy 7 in Dreams

Someone Remade Final Fantasy VII in Dreams and It Looks Spectacular

Another impressive Dreams recreation has gotten some time to shine, this time with Final Fantasy VII. A user by the name of Sosetsuken5360 has remade a section of the JRPG and it looks stunning. The art style is akin to the original from 1997, but looks a lot more like a modern game with a higher resolution and frame rate. Many people are comparing it to the Final Fantasy VII remake in terms of gameplay and mechanics.

In the footage below, you can see Cloud and his friends running around in a 3D space, hacking and slashing away at the Air Buster boss outside of the Sector 5 Reactor. The recreation gives off Final Fantasy VII remake vibes, since the user implemented real-time combat and a fully controllable 360 degree camera.

The footage also shows the ability to switch between Barret and Tifa on the fly, both of which have their own unique abilities. Barret was shown using his powerful firearms, while Tifa used her melee attacks. Much like the implementation of magic in the Final Fantasy VII remake, this Dreams creation seems to have a similar system, in which you can pause the game to use magic attacks in exchange for magic points. Each character has a magic meter, and based on the footage, it seems to increase as you attack enemies. This sort of blends real-time combat with the turn-based mechanics of the original.

There are also mechanics that were not shown in the video. According to a Twitter user named Figburn, who originally posted the video, you can dodge, lock-on, and use Limit moves like Omnislash in this recreation.

We haven’t gotten a chance to try out this Dreams creation ourselves, but the clip above makes it look impressive, to say the least. It’s yet another example of just how deep the systems of Dreams can go, provided a creative enough individual is in charge. Another great example of this is the Crash Bandicoot recreation made by Milbox.

You can get your hands on this creation if you have the Early Access version of Dreams, which you can purchase from the PSN right now for $29.99. To find this creation, search for “FFVII Dreamake” once you boot the game up. If you do get your hands on it, maybe it’ll hold you over until the official Final Fantasy VII remake releases in March of 2020.

What do you think of this recreation? Have you gotten a chance to try it? Let us know in the comments!

[Source: Twitter]