Bring Home Dark Horse’s Second Series of The Witcher 3 Figures This Fall

Dark Horse will soon add a second set of Ciri, Geralt, and Yennefer figures to its The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt collection. This news has been known for a while, but now the statues’ release date is out in the wild, as well. Courtesy of listings on Amazon, fans can now prepare to bring home the second series of Witcher 3 statues later this year on November 27th. Pre-orders are already live for the $50 collectible pieces.

Unlike Dark Horse’s first set of statues for the three characters, the Series 2 figures feature each one in DLC attire. For instance, Series 1 depicts Ciri in her white top and brown pants. In contrast, the Series 2 iteration features the Lady of Space and Time donning her alternate costume from The Witcher 3, with its much darker color scheme. Similarly, Yen wears her alternate costume. Geralt’s Series 2 statue has him adorned in the blue Grandmaster Feline Armor. Yes, he’s even wearing the hood.

Each of the three statues vary in size, though all cost the same price of $50. Ciri stands approximately 9 inches tall. Meanwhile, the height of Yen’s statue is closer to 10 inches. Finally, Geralt’s figurine stands 10.75 inches in height. They’re all meticulously designed, detailed figures positioned on stands bearing the Wolf medallion.

Check the image gallery below for a look at Dark Horse’s Series 2 figures for The Witcher 3’s, Ciri, Geralt, and Yen.

Fans in search of more The Witcher 3 collectible items should check out CD Projekt RED’s recently launched online store. It includes all manner of merchandise, including shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, figurines, posters, and more. Unfortunately, the store only ships to European territories for the time being, though the studio previously promised other regions will soon see similar support. Some fans may also want to look into Displate, a company that produces and sells metal prints. A vast number of prints for The Witcher 3 were recently added to the company’s storefront.

[Via: Game Idealist]

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