Days Gone’s Fifth Weekly Challenge Will See Players Take on a Horde Once More

The latest weekly challenge for Days Gone has been released and it adds yet another Horde Challenge into the game for those players looking to put their resource management skills to the test. The new challenge also follows suit with last week’s challenge, adding in some additional objectives for players to complete to give a boost to their high score.

This week’s challenge is known as Keep Them Safer, and will see players tasked with taking out a fair sized horde of 300 Freakers. As always with these Horde Challenges, players will need to pay close attention to their ammo count, as well as the placement of their explosives, and make sure to go for headshots to dwindle the horde as efficiently as possible.

The first additional objective included with this challenge will require players to get crossbow kills on the horde, which should prove to be a difficult task due to its slow reload animation. Bend stated that players will start the challenge with 15 bolts, but that they can find cedar saplings throughout the area to craft more of them. The second objective will require players to get kills on the horde without taking a hit. The third prioritizes headshots, and the fourth asks players to get kills without dodging. This week’s reward for achieving a ranked score is the Endure patch, which will reduce the cost of stamina consuming actions like rolling or sprinting. The patch can be carried over into the main game as well.

Days Gone‘s previous weekly challenge was called Ambush Camp Rush, and introduced the addition of sub objectives into these challenges. Players were tasked with clearing a camp of Marauders as fast as possible while completing the added objectives to earn a high score. Some of these objectives required players to use the Crossbow’s Residue Bolts to frenzy enemies, while also using traps and distractions.

Will you be trying out Days Gone‘s newest weekly challenge? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

[Source: US PlayStation Blog]