Days Gone’s Fourth Weekly Challenge Switches Things Up With Additional Objectives

Bend Studio’s fourth weekly challenge has been added into Days Gone. It is another Combat Challenge, but there are some added nuances this time around that should give even the most experienced players a run for their money when trying to earn those rewards.

This week’s challenge for Days Gone, Ambush Camp Rush, switches things up by adding in a timer and several additional sub objectives that each have multiple reward tiers. Players must complete these additional objectives in order to gain a high “combo chain,” which will in turn earn them a high score and some sweet rewards in the process. The main objective will require players to clear the camp of Marauders as fast as possible, but the sub objectives will force players to change up their tactics.

One of the sub objectives requires you to take out as many enemies as possible before the camp becomes aware of your presence. The second sub objective requires players to earn kills from a Berserked enemy, meaning you will need to make use of the Crossbow’s Residue Bolts to frenzy as many enemies as you can. The third sub objective will require you to kill enemies using traps and distractions. Finally, the fourth sub objective requires you to complete the camp within a certain amount of time.

Days Gone‘s previous weekly challenge took place at Diamond Lake and tasked players with racing through various checkpoint rings as fast as possible to earn a high score. On top of that, players also needed to be on the lookout for Hordes of Freakers roaming the area. They would attempt to catch up to the player’s bike and overwhelm them. As always, you can unlock various rewards including alternate skins, rings complete with perks, patches which provide additional bonuses, and unique paint jobs for your Drifter Bike depending on your high scores in these challenges.

Will you be trying out this week’s Days Gone challenge? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

[Source: US PlayStation Blog]