First 14 Minutes of Borderlands 3 Gameplay Shows a Fast-Paced Boss Battle and More Claptrap Silliness

Borderlands 3 is almost here, but ahead of release we got a look at the first 14 minutes of the action shooter’s main story. The footage shows a variety of very Borderlands things like some Claptrap silliness, intense gunplay, a fast-paced boss battle, and more. The star of the show, of course, is the gunplay, and there was a lot to take in on that front.

During the action, we got another look at the game’s destructible cover, which was first revealed back in May 2019. This mechanic keeps you on your feet, so you never stop moving. We also got a glimpse of some of the game’s weapons, although Gearbox was careful not to spoil all of the surprises in this department. One weapon that seems like it will come in handy is the Iron-Willed Peacekeeper, a scoped revolver that excels at long-ranged combat.

After seeing a few headshots with the Peacekeeper, we got a look at some of the mission objectives, like tasking the player with finding a shield. Doing so triggers a boss battle with Shiv, who likes to chase you around with a…well…shiv. Although the fight is quick, it gives a small glimpse into what the bosses might be like in Borderlands 3. A few shots here and a knife stab there and Shiv went down. Upon defeat, the player was rewarded with an Action Skill, unlocked at level 2. These Action Skills give you special abilities that enhance the game’s combat. In past iterations Action Skills gave you the ability to turn invisible, or summon your pet Bloodwing to help take down enemies, among a variety of other combat abilities.

And of course, the footage shows a ton of looting and shooting for you to enjoy. You can check out the full video below:

You won’t have much longer to wait for Borderlands 3, as it’ll release for PS4 and other platforms on September 13, 2019. There are a few different versions for you to choose from, so check them out here.

Gearbox has confirmed that it is working on implementing cross-play functionality to Borderlands 3, but the feature won’t be available for the game’s launch. We’ll keep you in the loop when we find out more about the game’s cross-play features.

Does this gameplay get you hyped for Borderlands 3? Let us know!

[Source: IGN]