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No Man’s Sky Beyond to Debut Shared Social Space Called the Nexus

No Man’s Sky’s Beyond update is slated to go live in just under one week. When it launches, online functionality and VR support will be its major additions. However, something else pretty major is on the horizon, as well. In a brand-new trailer for Beyond’s impending launch, developer Hello Games showed off the Nexus, No Man’s Sky’s social hub.

Get a look at Beyond’s launch trailer below, which features a few glimpses at the Nexus social space:

No Man’s Sky Creative Director Sean Murray took to the PlayStation Blog to offer more information about what players can expect from the Nexus. In this social space, players will have the option of either meeting up with friends or joining random players. The Nexus will also allow everyone to show off all they’ve been working on. For instance, other players will finally be able to see that awesome spacesuit you’re wearing, or venture into the base you spent dozens of hours meticulously building.

If there’s even more in store for Beyond, Murray has not divulged it. Still, this is a massive update for the game, and Murray promises it will not be the last. In fact, the team at Hello Games intends to continue supporting No Man’s Sky in ways both large and small for the foreseeable future.

Though No Man’s Sky originally got off to an incredibly rocky start, the game has truly turned things around like few others. Free updates have continuously improved the experience, giving newcomers a reason to dive in and old fans a reason to keep returning. It’s clearly worked in Hello Games’ favor, too. According to a recent statement from Murray, the average player’s playtime has doubled since the game’s launch in 2016.

The Beyond update for No Man’s Sky will go live across all platforms on August 14th.

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