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Quantic Dream is Interested in Developing Games in Different Genres

Quantic Dream is best known for narrative-focused adventure titles, games where myriad choices and alternate paths are integral to the experience. Perhaps this won’t always be the case, though. Previously, the studio spoke on wanting to publish games from other developers that do not necessarily emphasize “interactive storytelling.” In fact, Quantic Dream would be willing to publish games of “any genre.” What about the company itself, however? Would the Heavy Rain team ever create a different genre of game? It seems fans should count on as much from the developer in the future.

During a gamescom interview with USgamer, the studio’s co-founder, Guillaume de Fondaumière, noted Quantic Dream’s interest in exploring new horizons. Unwilling to divulge too much information on the matter, de Fondaumière explained the studio will sometime in the future develop a project beyond its comfort zone. He shared the following with USgamer: “Without revealing too much, I can say that you can expect to see different genres by Quantic Dream in the future.”

Of course, for now, there is no telling what de Fondaumière could have meant by this. After all, exploring new genres may very well translate to any number of things given the studio’s track record. If Guerrilla Games can successfully transition from linear first-person shooters to an open-world RPG, who’s to say a similar shift is not in store for Quantic Dream projects down the line?

Currently, Quantic Dream is remaining pretty tight-lipped about specifics concerning all of its future plans. However, we do know, as noted above, that the company wants to publish games, including their own. The studio also intends for its future projects to release across multiple platforms. In fact, some of Quantic Dream’s titles, such as Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human, have most recently landed on PC via the Epic Games Store.

[Source: USgamer]