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Bluepoint Technical Director Says The Legend of Dragoon Remake Should Perhaps ‘Be a Project’

A recent tweet by Bluepoint Games’ Technical Director, Peter Dalton, has fans hoping for a remake of PlayStation classic The Legend of Dragoon à la Shadow of the Colossus.

In response to a fan who asked what he thought of the role-play game, Dalton tweeted [via ComicBook]:

While these tweets are far from a confirmation, they do offer fans a glimmer of hope. The Legend of Dragoon, which first released in 1999 for the original PlayStation, is an oft-requested remake but one that its fans doubt will ever happen.

The game’s producer is none other than the beloved President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida. It was one of the last major projects that he worked on prior to his departure from Sony’s Japan Studio. In 2012, while announcing the game’s PSN release, Yoshida revealed that The Legend of Dragoon 2 was in the works but was cancelled for unknown reasons.

LOD2 was put into pre-production after I left the Japan Studio, but was eventually cancelled for some unknown reason, and the team members moved on to different projects,” he wrote on the PlayStation Blog. “Some people still work in the Japan Studio, so we talk about the memories of developing LOD when we see each other at company functions.”

While a sequel may never see the light of day, here’s hoping The Legend of Dragoon gets the Bluepoint treatment.