Duke Nukem Actor Now an Ordained Minister, Willing to Wed Fans in Character

What exactly would a marriage ceremony conducted by Duke Nukem look like? Would there be lots of bubblegum, self-congratulatory outbursts, and lewd behavior? We may never know for certain. However, fans interested in at least witnessing a taste of Duke’s ministerial skills may be able to experience such wonderment. Jon St. John, the character’s long-time voice actor, is now an ordained minister. And, yes, he’s willing to wed couples while in character as Duke Nukem. Or Big the Cat from Sonic the Hedgehog, if that’s your jam.

St. John took to Twitter to announce the news of his ordainment. In the post, he joked about now being able to marry couples as Duke Nukem. See the actor’s tweet linked below:

When responding to the tweet, some fans seemed more than happy to take him up on the offer. Whether or not any of these Duke Nukem-ordained weddings will ever come to pass remains to be seen. Yet, surely, it has to happen at some point, right? After all, the world hasn’t had a good bit of Nukem content in quite some time.

The last entry in the Duke Nukem series, Duke Nukem Forever, launched in 2011. Calling the critical and fan response to it unfavorable is probably far too kind. Apart from featuring in Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, the “King” has been seen since. As such, it appears as though the franchise will remain in limbo for the time being. If Gearbox Software has plans to bring Duke back, the team certainly isn’t indicating as much. Who knows? Maybe that Duke Nukem movie starring John Cena will eventually happen and give Gearbox a reason to dive back in.

[Source: Jon St. John on Twitter via PCGamesN]