Here’s When You Can Play as Different Specialists in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online is getting a substantial update and it’s coming in hot. On September 10, 2019, you’ll be able to take on new Frontier Pursuits and three Specialist Roles. This comes alongside other expected update additions, like improvements to player control and Daily Challenges.

Specialist Roles are the heart of this latest update and will give you various ways to level up and unlock new abilities for them. The three Roles are Collector, Trader, and Bounty Hunter. These are sort of like classes, with different objectives and playstyles that accompany them. With the addition of Frontier Pursuits, you’ll have various ways to max out the full potential of each Role. Think of Frontier Pursuits like activities for you to do that pertain to a Role. For example, hunting a bounty will give you Role XP towards your Bounty Hunter Role, while finding collectibles will do the same towards the Collector.

Earning Role XP will level up your Role Rank. Every five ranks will give you a new distinction including Novice, Promising, Established, and Distinguished. When you level up, you’ll be rewarded with Role tokens, which can be spent on new items for that particular Role, like being able to duck while on horseback as a Bounty Hunter or having a bigger bag as a Trader.

But that’s not all that will be included with Red Dead Online’s upcoming update. It will also add the ability to change your character’s appearance without resetting progress. In addition to that, new Role Free Roam Events will be unlocked as you rank up, extra stable slots, more custom outfit slots, and improved weapon balance will be implemented on September 10th.

So strap on your saddle, clean your revolvers, and get ready for Red Dead Online’s latest update!

Will you be jumping into Red Dead Online when the update rolls out? Let us know!