AI: The Somnium Files Physical Released Delayed in North America

There’s been a change of plans for the neo-noir detective adventure AI: The Somnium Files and its physical launch in North America. Spike Chunsoft announced the physical edition’s September 17th release date has now been pushed to a week later on September 24th. This will affect the Special Agent Edition of the game as well. Thankfully, this isn’t too long of a wait for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam) players looking forward to the title. Those who prefer not to wait can still purchase the title digitally on its original September 17th release date for all three platforms, however.

At least there appears to be a positive reason for the change in retail launch dates. According to Spike Chunsoft, the brief delay comes down to “increased demand and manufacturing delays.” It does not appear as though other territories are experiencing the same setbacks. As such, the physical release in Japan should still land on September 19th, while European retail stores will begin selling AI: The Somnium Files on September 20th.

AI: The Somnium Files comes from the creative mind of Zero Escape creator Kotaro Uchikoshi. The detective adventure title received an official unveiling in 2018 at the Anime Expo. It follows Special Agent Kaname Date in a futuristic Tokyo as he investigates a mysterious series of murders. Tracking down a serial killer is a little more intensive in AI: The Somnium Files than players will be used to. Crime scenes aren’t all the Special Agent has to delve into. In fact, the hunt for useful information goes beyond the realm of reality, since dreams are also a part of the investigative process.

In AI: The Somnium Files, it seems the mystery will begin when a woman’s body is found at a theme park. When Special Agent Date arrives at the crime scene, the initial clues lead him to an unlikely suspect–a young girl. Suffice it to say, all may not be as it appears.

[Source: Spike Chunsoft]