Mark Your Calendars, The Game Awards’ 5th Annual Ceremony is Scheduled for December 12th

The Game Awards creator Geoff Keighley just took to Twitter to announce the date of this year’s ceremony. The fifth annual Game Awards celebration will air live from Los Angeles, California later this year on December 12th. This year’s celebration will call the Microsoft Theater its home and is meant to, in Keighley’s words, “celebrate the act of creation.” Tickets for the event are currently on sale.

See Keighley’s Twitter post announcing the news in the following tweet:

Details about the show itself are lacking. However, Keighley did reveal in a subsequent tweet that The Game Awards this year is all about the “act of creation.” What this entails specifically currently remains to be seen. All should become clearer as the next three months carry along, though.

Keighley’s follow-up post about the ceremony this year is linked below:

There’s no way of knowing what The Game Awards may hold for this year, as far as game reveals and the like are concerned. Last year’s show was packed with surprises, from Mortal Kombat 11’s creative unveiling to the surprising announcement of a Stanley’s Parable console port. Who knows? Maybe that Stanley’s Parable port will finally receive an update during this year’s award show.

The Game Awards 2018 also featured quite a few surprises with regards to the awards themselves. Despite winning the most awards, Red Dead Redemption II lost the Game of the Year trophy to God of War. The snubbing of Marvel’s Spider-Man marked another shock for audiences, who expected the web-slinger to at least take home one award.

[Source: Geoff Keighley on Twitter]