Datamine Leak Indicates a Batman Crossover Will Bring Gotham to Fortnite

Fortnite’s 10.30 update just arrived, but something else has fans on the edge of their seats. If datamine leaks from the update files are accurate, the online title may have a Batman crossover in the works. Titled “Welcome to Gotham City,” this supposed collaboration will introduce Batman-centric challenges, a glider, world props, emotes, and more. For now, it’s unclear when this content may go live.

There are a couple of reasons to celebrate the Bat in the coming days, though. For one, DC set aside Saturday, September 21st as Batman Day to celebrate his 80th anniversary. Plus, Joker will hit theaters on October 4th.

@Lucas7yoshi uncovered the Batman collaboration details, then shared them on his account. In addition to the content items listed above, he also shared what appears to be a screenshot of a forthcoming loading screen. It’s of Gotham at night, complete with a full moon shining over gothic structures boasting gargoyles.

Check it out in the tweet below:

One item set to debut in Fortnite’s Batman crossover is the Dark Knight’s Grapnel Gun. This device will let players propel themselves towards a certain location, then deploy the Bat Cape to glide. Access to an Explosive Batarang is also set to go live, which will have the ability to both home in on enemies and serve as a proximity explosive. In addition, players will get to redecorate their banner with the Bat-symbol.

There are a whole host of challenges that will also arrive with the “Welcome to Gotham City” content. Completing them in a certain fashion will unlock rewards, such as the aforementioned banner. These challenges include defusing Joker canisters, damaging enemies with the Explosive Batarang, and more.

For a full rundown of all the challenges, check out the following post from Lucas7yoshi:

[Source: Lucas7yoshi on Twitter]