Battle Spooky Ghosts, Race Snails, and Play Walrus Hockey in ReadySet Heroes this October

One of Sony’s new announcements during its first ever State of Play was for the upcoming dungeon crawler ReadySet Heroes. Now we know that we’ll have handful of interesting bosses and brawls to look forward to when it arrives this October. In it, you’ll face off against spooky creatures, stone giants, and get to participate in snail races and Walrus Hockey.

ReadySet Heroes is a competitive and cooperative dungeon crawler where two teams battle it out for loot. At the end of each round, you’ll participate in a brawl, giving you a chance to utilize the gear you just acquired. These brawls are similar to competitive mini-games, with various objectives appearing throughout them.

In Snail Race, you must acquire berries for your snail, so it will speed up. Each team will have its own snail and your job is to cross the finish line first. You’ll have to be strategic with your berry usage if you want to win. And, if you’re really savvy, you can sabotage your enemy’s berries by poisoning them.

You will also be able to jump into a little Walrus Hockey. It’s like real hockey, only the puck is a giant piece of sushi and the net is a Walrus. As you feed sushi to giant walruses, you gain points. Much like Snail Race, you can sabotage your enemy by hitting stinky fish heads into your opponents’ walrus to reduce their points.

What dungeon crawler is complete without bosses? ReadySet Heroes will have people covered. One of the game’s flagship bosses is The Mischievous Warden of the Dead: The Nekomancer. This boss is sneaky and will make you guess which coffin she’s hiding in after shuffling them. You will need to guess the correct one, take out her flaming skull minions, and then light the level’s pyres to defeat her. If that’s too spooky for you, you might enjoy The Stone Guardian of the Forest: Olek. This fight will involve dodging its arm cannons, attacking from afar during its spin attack, and avoiding its spinning head. After defeating the bosses, you get a chance at acquiring a legendary drop. But, people will only have 10 minutes to defeat each one.

ReadySet Heroes will be released for the PS4 and PC October 1, 2019. Will you be picking up a copy? Let us know!

[Source: PlayStation Blog]