Cross-Play Coming to ReadySet Heroes, Along With New Content

ReadySet Heroes is asking if you’re ready to set up cross-play and be heroes with PC users as well. In a new update that came to the game today, cross-play has been fully implemented between the PlayStation 4 and PC version of the game. If you’re interested in playing with PC players then all you need to do is get the latest update and head to the settings. There you’ll see an option that says “connect to PS4 only.” Uncheck it and voila, you’ll now see PC players along with PS4 players.

Whether you’re interested in cross-play or not, the new update also brings some new content to the game. While developer Robot Entertainment hasn’t been super specific on what the content contains, they promised that the randomized dungeons will be seeing new monsters, traps, and puzzles that should give you more of a challenge to enjoy.

Originally announced during the March 2019 State of Play, ReadySet Heroes is a top-down dungeon crawler where you and up to three friends play as cute animals that are on an adventure to collect loot and become a hero. You’ll have to team up and fight monsters to collect loot, occasionally having to deal with deadly boss fights. Each dungeon is randomly generated, meaning no two runs will be alike. As you play another team will be going through the same dungeon as you, and the first team to finish the dungeon will find themselves with a greater reward. Additionally, you can compete with your friends in various game modes, such as one where you need to assist your snail in racing against other player’s snails.

The game came out on October 1st on both PlayStation 4 and on PC via the Epic Game Store, the latter of which was surprisingly published by Sony. ReadySet Heroes will be joining games like Brawlhalla, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in offering cross-play between console and PC versions.

[source: PlayStation Blog]