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Peacefully Explore the Island of Eastshade on Consoles Next Month

The island of Eastshade waits to be explored by a traveling painter, a role which players will assume come this October. Eastshade is an open-world title with an emphasis on exploration and will launch on October 21st for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

When announcing the game’s console launch, developer Eastshade Studio also unleashed a brand-new trailer.

Eastshade debuted on PCs earlier this year to mostly positive reviews. Many reviewers seemed enthralled by the world’s beauty and its calming qualities. Based on the trailer above, both certainly appear to be notable highlights.

In Eastshade, players step into the shoes of a traveling painter who arrives on the island of Eastshade. Exploring the open-world with an easel in hand rests at the core of the experience, as myriad landscapes will become available to recreate. The painter will also meet with locals, learning about their lives on the island, making friends, and helping whomever may be in need of assistance.

Not everything is so straightforward, though. The island of Eastshade additionally harbors mysteries and a vast number of secrets. Who knows? Maybe these secrets and mysteries aren’t even sinister. The lands seem peaceful enough. But to find out for sure, players will have to venture into the open-world for themselves.

Eastshade Studios was founded by Daniel Weinbaum, a former environmental artist at Sucker Punch. The first title Weinbaum launched on the PS4 following his Sucker Punch departure was 2017’s Leaving Lyndow, another peaceful experience that offers players a gorgeous environment to explore.

[Source: Eastshade Studios via Gematsu]