Ghost of Tsushima Iyo Survival Map

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends Gets New Twilight and Ashes Survival Map, Another Iki Island-Themed Map Arrives Next Week

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends received a brand new Survival map today. Titled Twilight and Ashes, the map is set in the realm of Iyo. This isn’t the only free content players will be getting though. Sucker Punch Productions announced they’d be releasing a second new survival map next week, this time themed on the Iki Island expansion.

Twilight and Ashes is set in the world players explore through the three-part raid called The Tale of Iyo that was the culmination of the Legends storyline. As the raid is extremely challenging with players recommended to have their gear at KI level 100 at the very minimum, this new Survival mode map could be the first time some players have had a chance to experience the area. Twilight and Ashes is available in game now.

Sucker Punch also revealed they will be adding another free map to Survival mode on October 1. This one will be called Blood and Steel and will be based on the Iki Island expansion. The developer later clarified players will not need to own Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut to experience the map. All Legends content is available to all players on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 regardless of whether they have purchased the game’s Director’s Cut upgrade.

The Legends multiplayer update was far more successful than Sucker Punch ever predicted, resulting in a standalone release earlier this month. Legends has been receiving continuous updates since its original launch as part of Ghost of Tsushima back in October 2020. The latest of these have included changes to Survival mode to shorten the amount of time needed for a single session, new weekly Survival Nightmare challenge variants, and more cosmetics. The recent Rivals game mode pitted two teams of two players against each other as they try to defeat waves of enemies while a new Gear Mastery system increased the gear to level 120.

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