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Ghost of Tsushima: Legends Co-op Mode and New Game Plus Arrive on October 16th

Sucker Punch previously confirmed that Ghost of Tsushima’s free co-op mode, Legends, would launch this fall. Now the new content has a release date. Fans can hop into Legends for the first time on October 16th. That’s not all, though. Legends will go live in Version 1.1 of the game, which is also set to introduce New Game+ with extra trophies. (The trophies are supposed to appear on a separate list and not at all affect the Platinum.)

Players can expect to start New Game+ when the world opens up after fighting the Khan for the first time. Every Technique, Gear item, and Vanity piece from the first playthrough will carry over. In addition, the difficulty will automatically be raised. Although, players can make difficulty adjustments if they want.

With Version 1.1, Sucker Punch plans to debut a host of other extra features as well. One such addition is the arrival of custom gear loadouts, meaning players will no longer have to dress Jin piece by piece. A trailer for Version 1.1 shows how the gear loadouts work in the menus. Of course, the video also offers another look at Legends in action. Check out the update trailer in the video linked below:

Players can get their hands on a few other goodies, too. Those who dive into New Game+ will gain access to a new horse, equipped with a unique saddle and a red mane. Moreover, New Game+ brings the Ghost Flower and Ghost Flower Merchant to the mix, who players will find in Ariake. According to a PS Blog post from Senior Game Designer Darren Bridges, these flowers unlock access to new color dyes and vanity gear exclusive to New Game+. Other add-ons in Version 1.1 include a play time display when saving the game and fresh Photo Mode features.

Ghost of Tsushima is available digitally and at retail for the PlayStation 4. Again, the latest free update will roll out later this month on October 16th.

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