Ghost of Tsushima: Legends is a ‘Haunting and Fantastical’ Co-op Mode Due Out This Fall

On an unspecified date this fall, all Ghost of Tsushima owners will gain access to a free co-op mode, Ghost of Tsushima: Legends. This new mode will in no way connect to Jin’s story, nor that of his companions. Instead, Legends is set to offer a “haunting and fantastical” experience starring four different warriors, each of whom are known legends to the inhabitants of Tsushima.

Get a tease of what to expect from the new mode in the teaser trailer below:

According to a PlayStation Blog post from Senior Game Designer Darren Bridges, the locales and enemies in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends were inspired by Japanese folk tales and mythology. The co-op experience will allow players to team up in groups of two or four with friends or through online matchmaking. When hopping online, each player will select from one of four warrior classes: Assassin, Hunter, Ronin, or Samurai. Each of the four classes boasts their own set of abilities, but such information presently remains under wraps.

The two-player and four-play co-op options will offer different experiences. In the two-player mode, partners will take on Story missions of increasing difficulty. Players can expect the combat and action to build upon what’s on display in the single-player game, though “new magical twists” have been thrown in for good measure. As such, synchronization between partners should prove the key to success.

Meanwhile, the four-player option will debut “wave-based Survival missions.” Tsushima’s most formidable foes will be present for the challenge, which Bridges notes should also include brand-new Oni enemies who are equipped with powers of supernatural origin.

Warriors capable of besting the Story and Survival missions may want to try their hand at Raid, another four-player mode that’s slated to go live “shortly after” Sucker Punch releases Legends. In Raid, players can expect to be transported to a new realm occupied by a brutal and terrifying foe.

Ghost of Tsushima is available digitally and at retail on the PlayStation 4. Since the title’s launch, Sucker Punch has continuously updated the experience with quality of life changes and free content. One recent update added an extra difficulty level to mix.

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