Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Box Art Pays Homage to the 1997 Original

As we approach the highly anticipated release of Final Fantasy VII Remake, little nuggets of information keep popping up pertaining to the upcoming game. For example, we finally got a look at the game’s North American box art. It looks beautiful, yet familiar. In fact, the box art pays homage to the original 1997 PlayStation game’s box art in an almost one-to-one recreation of the cover.

You can check out the comparison below:

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Box Art

You’ll notice the two Materia in Cloud’s Buster Sword, which allow him to use magic during combat. Speaking of combat, Final Fantasy VII Remake will let you to play the game entirely turn-based if you choose, or you can use the default settings that blend real time and turn-based combat.

There are lots of questions surrounding the upcoming remake, though. For example, this game only covers the Midgar section of the original game, which is only a fraction of the whole adventure. Does this mean we’ll continue to see iterations for years to come until the entire story is complete? If so, how long will it take for Square Enix to develop each entry? It’s a peculiar situation that will be interesting to see unfold.

The wait for Final Fantasy VII Remake is almost over, as it will release for PS4 on March 3, 2020. Be sure to preorder your copy from Amazon here.

What are your thoughts on the game’s newly revealed box art? Let us know!

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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