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Shawn Layden is Leaving Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony Worldwide Studios Chairman Shawn Layden is leaving Sony Interactive Entertainment after more than 30 years with the company. Additional details haven’t been provided at this time, but the announcement comes via the official PlayStation Twitter account, wishing Layden well and thanking him for his service at Sony.

Layden began his time at Sony back in 1987, and has since risen through the ranks and been part of many influential and major events that have happened throughout the company’s history. He most recently came into the limelight and attention of PlayStation fans when he replaced Jack Tretton as the CEO and President of Sony Interactive Entertainment (then Sony Computer Entertainment America) in 2014. Layden took the stage at a number of press conferences and events across the last five years, connecting with the many PlayStation fans and sharing in their excitement of video games.

While we don’t yet know who is set to replace Layden, this move comes shortly before the expected official unveiling of the next-gen PlayStation console (still not yet officially confirmed to be called the PlayStation 5), and only about a year before most analysts predict the as-yet-name PS5 to actually release in late 2020.

We’re waiting for additional information on both Layden’s move elsewhere and his replacement, but until then, we here at PlayStation LifeStyle wish him well and thank him for everything he’s done at Sony.