GreedFall’s First Major Patch Will Set Sail for Consoles Soon

Today, developer Spiders launched its first major patch for GreedFall on PC. The update, known as Patch 1.03, will set sail for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One “soon,” said the developer on Twitter. With it, players should expect to see changes to subtitles, localization issues, and a few quality of life troubles.

In the Twitter post about Patch 1.03, Spiders provided a link to the patch notes on Steam. As such, it’s likely that not everything listed in them will be reflected in the update’s console version. Still, many of the fixes are expected to exist across all platforms.

See the patch notes below for GreedFall’s Update 1.03 (PC):


  • The size of subtitles can now be changed.
  • Camera bobbing rectified: players will have more control over the camera.
  • Invert X-Axis option added.

Quest fixes

  • Several quests have been fixed, among them…
  • The quest « The Prince’s Secret », unlocks as intended.
  • Trials of Water can now be continued as intended (this issue was based on “The Prince’s Secret” not unlocking properly).
  • Vasco’s first personal quest now works properly.
  • The Seeds will unlock the sanctuary during the main quest.
  • The black box can now be properly opened after following Ruben.


  • The Chinese, Portuguese, Polish, and Russian localizations have been improved thanks to players’ feedback.
  • Both French and English localizations have received several corrections.


  • The mage skill “Ranged Shadow Impact” has been modified.
  • Some aggro areas have been improved.


  • Keyboard binding issue is now debugged: most key bindings should be working properly from now on.
  • The trophy ‘Curiosity Cabinet” is now fixed.
  • Some crashes have been dealt with.


  • A musical fade-out was added in an important death cutscene.


  • The camera has been moved to offer a better view of the scene during some quest dialogues.

Published by Focus Home Interactive, GreedFall launched in September to middling reviews. Aimed at action-RPG fans who miss experiences like those of BioWare’s past, the game seemed to have somewhat delivered on providing a solid RPG adventure. Yet, technological issues kept GreedFall from reaching its true potential. What it lacked in technical prowess, it made up for on some level with quest design and a unique world setting.

GreedFall from Spiders is available now on the PlayStation 4, PC via Steam, and Xbox One platforms.

[Source: GreedFall on Twitter, Steam via TheSixthAxis]