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Resident Evil: Project Resistance PS4 Gameplay Showcases What It’s Like to Play the Mastermind

After previously only hinting at what role antagonistic player might serve in the upcoming asymmetrical multiplayer Resident Evil title, then showing how a match unfolds from the perspective of any one of the four survivors, Capcom has now shared some Project Resistance PS4 gameplay that enlightens its audience to what playing as the “Mastermind” entails.

Debuted as part of a lengthy livestream on an official Capcom YouTube channel, the commentary is in Japanese, but that doesn’t prevent us English speakers from getting our first good look at gameplay from the perspective of the villainous element in this four-versus-one take on traditional survival horror. We’ve already been promised that Project Resistance is a “refreshing new take” on the beloved Resident Evil franchise and this early look at the game certainly helped to reiterate that.

While players have been able to select their characters and team up online since the first Resident Evil Outbreak game hit PS2 back in 2003, and even to invade other players’ campaigns as enemy creatures since 2012’s critically middling Resident Evil 6, never before have these elements been combined into one focused package.

When playing as the Mastermind players are able to observe survivors from afar and strike when the opportune moment presents itself, both by laying traps in the form of A.I. controlled lesser enemies and more significant threats that can be taken direct control of. Survivors need to stick together in order to overcome the series’ most ingenious obstacles yet, owning to the fact that there’s a real player erecting them as and when the situation is called for.

The exciting, back-and-forth nature of the showcased gameplay could potentially do a lot to put the minds of players burn by failed asymmetrical multiplayer titles like Evolve and Fable Legends in the past to rest. Still, with a closed beta set to kick off tomorrow (October 4, 2019) and run through to October 9th, it won’t be long until a selection of lucky Resident Evil fans can see for themselves how Project Resistance holds up.

There’s no exact release window for the game yet, though it has been confirmed that there will be an offline portion to the game when it eventually launches on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

[Source: Capcom via Twinfinite]