Resident Evil: Project Resistance Will Feature an Offline Story Mode

Resident Evil: Project Resistance producer Masachika Kawata has revealed that the upcoming title will feature an offline narrative-focused mode. In an interview with the PlayStation Blog during Tokyo Game Show 2019, Kawata said that offline mode is being created to satisfy traditional Resident Evil fans.

Echoing Capcom producer Matt Walker’s thoughts on doing something fresh with the Resident Evil IP, Kawata added:

When making the Resident Evil games, we thought about the joy we get from placing zombies in a level and seeing how that placement could scare players.

Making players scared with a great game is always enjoyable for us and we wanted the players to have the same experience as us by giving them the chance to add zombies or traps to levels. That idea is what started Project Resistance.

By combining the co-op experience that forces players to face traps in a team-oriented environment and sprinkling in the Resident Evil elements/atmosphere, we thought we could create an interesting game experience.

When asked if Project Resistance is a remake of Resident Evil Outbreak, Kawata said that the upcoming title is a brand new game that is being developed differently.

“The existence of Mastermind is a big difference from Outbreak,” he explained. “To put it simply, the Mastermind works for Umbrella Corps to kidnap citizens. These human test subjects are forced to face zombies for research on how to develop viruses.”

Project Resistance will feature different variations of the Mastermind as well as Survivors, who will possess unique skills.

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[Source: PlayStation Blog]