Players Will Feel Tension in The Last of Us Part II’s Gameplay, Regardless of Difficulty

With regards to the gameplay experience, there’s been one constant shared between most who have had hands-on time with The Last of Us Part II–It’s tense. Every action matters; this applies to both stealth and open combat. But will this tension translate to easier difficulties? Will players utilizing an array of accessibility options still feel as though they are experiencing Ellie’s journey as intended? According to Creative Director Neil Druckmann, the answer to both is yes.

In an interview with Spanish publication 3D Jeugos, Druckmann addressed how difficulty will factor into the gameplay. Apparently, tension rests at the core of the experience from Ellie’s perspective. As such, everyone who plays will need to feel as she does, regardless of their chosen difficulty. Players with different levels of skill, then, will still get to enjoy the game as initially intended.

The same will hold true for players who make use of The Last of Us Part II’s accessibility options, which have yet to receive detail. Druckmann told 3D Juegos that Naughty Dog wants to ensure fans in need of visual and auditory assistance are able to enjoy the title. Part II’s accessibility options will also work to ensure the tension of Ellie’s story is maintained in some capacity.

In addition, when asked, Druckmann noted the game’s difficulty at the recent media event had not yet been defined, though it was probably in the normal difficulty range. While he didn’t divulge how many difficulty levels the sequel will launch with, Druckmann did acknowledge that the option to turn off listening mode will be available to those who want to up the ante.

Prepare to trudge through the hardships The Last of Us Part II has on offer, when the game releases on February 21, 2020. Not too long thereafter, fans will get to view the world from another perspective, thanks to Dark Horse’s release of The Art of The Last of Us Part II. Preorders for the art book, which launches on March 3rd, are already live online.

[Source: 3D Jeugos via Wccftech]