the art of the last of us part 2

Preorders Are Officially Live for The Art of the Last of Us Part II

On Outbreak Day last week, Naughty Dog announced new merchandise, collectibles, and more for The Last of Us Part II. Among such items was an art book from Dark Horse, The Art of The Last of Us Part II. As promise, preorders for the book have officially gone live, detailing the product’s price and content. It seems the book is already doing well on Amazon, as it’s currently listed as a #1 Best-Seller. Fans can purchase a hardcover copy of the art book for $39.99; the Kindle version will sell for $19.99. Unfortunately, the Dark Horse-published work won’t launch in time for the game’s release. It is officially slated to release on March 3, 2020.

This 200-page hardcover art book seems as though it will be incredibly insightful. In addition to offering a full-color look at concept art, character models, and the like, the art book will also feature “intimate creator commentary.” Get a closer look at the book’s gorgeous cover art below:

the art of the last of us part 2

Last week saw a flood of The Last of Us Part II information hit the internet. During Sony’s State of Play broadcast, the sequel’s release date finally received a confirmation. In the following days, details and gameplay footage from a media event garnered plenty of attention, too. One of the more notable bits of news concerns multiplayer, which won’t feature in the upcoming title. However, Naughty Dog has promised fans that Factions will eventually return in some capacity.

Details about the sequel’s ambitious scope and size also made the rounds, with Creative Director Neil Druckmann saying it counts as the studio’s longest game to date. The new stealth and enemy AI mechanics were also the talk of the town. Apparently, enemy NPCs will be smarter than ever. They behave more emotionally too, especially when it comes to the new guard dogs.

The Last of Us Part II will land on the PlayStation 4 early next year on February 21, 2020.

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