Civilization VI Won’t Feature Cloud Saves on PS4, Despite Being Available on Every Other Platform

Excitement it mounting for the PS4 version of Civilization VI, but there are a couple of features that won’t make their way over from other platforms. The PS4 version will not support cloud saves, despite being a feature on every other platform. This specifically refers to in-game cloud saving that online games like Destiny 2 utilize, not the PS Plus cloud save backups that store save files from your PS4. PlayStation plus cloud backups will still function properly to keep your save files safe. In addition, cross-play multiplayer will not be included in any version of the game, regardless of platform. It’s unclear if developer Firaxis Games plans to implement these features at a later time.

With news that Sony would allow cross-play support across all games on its platforms, it’s tough to say why these features aren’t included in the PS4 version of Civilization VI, especially without further comment from the Firaxis. If a comment by War Thunder developer Gaijin is to be believed, there seem to be nuances behind the scenes that can make these features tougher to implement than you might expect.

You can check out the statement from the official Civilization Twitter account below:

A Twitter user on the same thread as above asked why the PS4 version will lack cloud saves, but the developer has yet to respond.

Whether this news is a deal breaker for you or not, Civilization VI will release for PS4 on November 22, 2019. Does this steer you away from picking up a copy of Civilization VI on PS4? Or are you just eager to create entire empires on your console? Let us know!