Gaijin Entertainment Still Working on Full Cross Play for War Thunder

Update: Gaijin reached out with clarification on this point, saying that it’s not as heavy handed as it seems but there are nuances to discuss behind the scenes with Sony before things can get fully functional.

The new PlayStation crossplay policies do not prevent all cross-progression, but we’re still discussing some nuances about progression/purchases transfer, and unfortunately we aren’t at liberty to talk about this in detail.

Original: It seems as if War Thunder developer Gaijin Entertainment is still working on allowing PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users to play with each other in console cross play.

A free to play competitive multiplayer game that launched back in 2014, in War Thunder you pilot various World War 2 airplanes, tanks, or boats in an effort to destroy an opposing team filled with airplanes, tanks, or boats of their own. Despite the age of the game, it’s still popular on the PlayStation 4, and has attracted quite the crowd. At the current time PlayStaiton 4 and PC users are able to play with each other, or Xbox One and PC users can play with each other, but you can’t have all three at the same time. (More specifically, PS4 and Xbox are not allowed to cross over.)

In an interview with WCCFtech, Gaijin Entertainment’s CEO, Anton Yudintsev, notes that full cross play between all three platforms is still being worked on. However, he said that Sony’s new policies actually instead put limitations on cross progression. At the current time you can link your War Thunder account between PC and PS4, so whatever you do on one carries over to the other. However, Anton notes that Sony’s new policies actually prevent cross progression, and that they would not be able to have War Thunder match account progress. The company is still discussing this, but as for now cross progression will remain active in War Thunder.

This isn’t Anton’s first time talking about cross play on the PlayStation 4. In a different interview with WCCFtech he mentioned not being that hopeful for cross play to really be expanded upon, despite Sony allowing it for Fortnite, and how he worried that it was basically just a single time exception for a popular game. Since then, a few more games have gotten full cross play, such as Rocket League and the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Crossplay was also just announced for popular battle royale game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.