Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Dev Asks Reddit Fans to Remain Civil

The last few days have been rough for the Call of Duty community. While many were expressing excitement about Modern Warfare’s story trailer reveal during State of Play, others were lamenting news of PlayStation 4 exclusive content. For a full year after launch, the PS4 version of Modern Warfare will have exclusive access to Spec Ops Survival Mode. Infinity Ward developers have already explained that such decisions are above them. Yet, this hasn’t mitigated the vitriol spread by some fans, particularly on Reddit. Consequently, one developer has addressed the issue outright on Reddit, reminding fans that there are people behind this project. They, too, have an online presence, and see much of the hostility.

Joel, an Infinity Ward team member, shared a post on Reddit titled “A developer’s POV.” His post begins by reminding fans that Infinity Ward devs regularly visit the Modern Warfare subreddit, as they are always on the lookout for feedback. As such, watching community forums like Reddit is a part of the job, meaning they see the “current drama.” However, in garnering “useful feedback,” developers are also noticing “ultra dark toxic comments.” The team at IW wants fans to share their critiques, even if they aren’t presented in the nicest fashion. But remembering the humans with feelings who read said comments is key.

Below is an abridged version of the Reddit post:

…I even read the ultra dark toxic comments that tell me how incompetent and stupid I must be, and how I should go away somewhere where I can’t harm people with my bad ideas and artwork. We all have a pretty thick skin here, but yeah it can kind of get to you. Believe me we keep it professional, but of course people that pass by my office from time to time can hear me through the walls. It’s disappointing but we move on with our day.

I understand that there are people here that have things going on in their lives, or they are upset about something to do with the game and they need to get the poison out and feel like they are being listened to. You are and yeah go for it, but keep it clean and maybe even a little creative. Get it out of your system but remember there’s a team of human beings here at IW, and we have crappy days just like you.

Our interest is entirely in the game itself. There are some announcements that have come up this week that are official and some that are rumors. My ask of all of you is to focus on information that is actually fact, and not get thrown off by ill informed people that want to make a name for themselves by spreading half baked inflammatory rumors. Let’s work real problems together and not fairy tales of boogeymen.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will come to the PS4, PC, and Xbox One on October 25th.

[Source: Reddit]