Samurai Shodown DLC Brings Basara Back Into the Showdown Next Week

Samurai Shodown will soon have a returning series favorite entering the fray as the latest DLC fighter. Basara Kubikiri will be joining the cast on October 15th.

First appearing in the series back in Samurai Shodown III, Basara was introduced as an undead man on a mission. He sought revenge on another man named Zankuro for killing him and his wife, Kagaribi. However, in Samurai Shodown V it was revealed that Basara actually killed her himself, and as punishment was locked away inside of a prison for seemingly the rest of his life. Obviously this didn’t stop him from rejoining the cast of fighters.

Origin story aside, we get a chance to see how Basara plays in his trailer. His weapon of choice is a giant shuriken attached to a chain. This allows him to hit other players at a distance, and often he can hit them twice due to the shuriken passing through them, then being pulled back to Basara. Additionally, the trailer shows off various shadow-based powers. At one point he is able to jump into the floor to reposition himself, while another has him dragging his opponent into the shadows and getting a few hits in before ejecting them. All told, he looks like an interesting character to both play as or fight against.

If you didn’t manage to grab the season pass when it was available for free, then it’ll cost $19.99 to buy. With the season pass, you get access to Basara, the two DLC characters already added to the game, and two characters joining Samurai Shodown in the next couple of months. You can also pick up Basara on his own for $5.99. If you happen to have Soulcalibur VI instead, you can still get a little bit of Samurai Shodown flavor. Main character Haohmaru is due to join the cast of Soulcalibur some time in the future. There’s currently no word on if Mitsurugi will be returning the favor and showing up in Samurai Shodown, but with a second season pass planned, it certainly seems like a possibility.